Cosplay: an emerging animation culture

Published: 22nd March 2011
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cosplay is short for costume play, can be further referred to as the cos, the Chinese translated into role playing or dressing up, especially the use of clothing, accessories, props,Anime Pillow and makeup to play such as animation, games, film and television in some of the roles deep in Japan visual system by the young people loved the band members have become the object of makeup, with the cosplay cultural development also appeared in the shape of the original self-dress. Engage in activities known as cosplay cosplayer or coser, most of them are aged 15-25 years old young animation enthusiasts. Culture is the most popular country Cosplay most important in Japan, but in the deepening globalization of modern society, the animation culture sub culture, Cosplay has become the world by young fans favorite anime pop culture style. Cosplay event in the rise of China is the latest thing five or six years, but the momentum of development is unusually rapid, anime fans have organized their own cosplay community, relevant websites, journals and other media have also opened up a column, all types of animation game exhibition or performance in the cosplay contest is greatly promoted the popularity of cosplay culture, and even began to drive from the animation, game accessories, props, Anime Modelsclothing stores such peripheral industries. On the Internet to cosplay as a keyword search, only Simplified Chinese web page can be reached as many as 1.7 million.

1, the role of choice

cosplay first step is to choose your favorite character image. In fact, participants are often in a coser animation and game fans before, they familiar with the popular animation, game content and roles. coser their role not only emphasizes the image of love, the pursuit of quite similar, the choice of role should choose their own personality, temperament similar role types in order to achieve better results.

2, dressing up

After the second step in the role is selected costumes, props and facial make-up production. In this activity the production of clothing is a crucial step, and some coser is a do it yourself, but because of the unique shape of the role of work clothing are often complex, often very laborious to do it, but this is also a lot of coser a pleasure, especially to wear their own handmade clothing to appear in front of wonderful, feel great sense of accomplishment.

3, the image display

Cosplay of the third step of their job is to show the image of well-dressed. Although many coser that entertain themselves in cosplay events is an act, but only in the mirror, after all, can not get enough satisfaction, so people in the cosplay event, especially to win recognition of peers to become the key factor This cosplay is an important reason to be popular. Coser their way to show their Anime PVC Figures appearance, there are two, one is static, in the form of photos posted online. At present, a considerable number of sites have special cosplay forum for the exchange. In this forum posting cosplay pictures of themselves or others is the most main content, there are some classic photos were widely posted, therefore the network for some coser gathered popularity, making it coser of celebrities, such as Japan, Shiina Zai Shuo, Beijing's A Xiulan and so on.

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